Howl’s Moving Castle AMV

Another AMV! Wooh! I’m getting this down. This one is for Howl’s Moving Castle the very awesome Studio Ghibli 2004 movie which I love forever and forever. The song is Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine, This song has been on my playlist ever since I heard it on another AMV that was for Katanagatari. (Good show BTW)

Without further ado:


First Line #11

Ooh, two posts within a week something interesting is going on. Not really, but I did write this story and I happen to really like it so before I forget I decided to put it up now.

The story is a first line that I did in my creative writing class and is part of the competition hosted by

I actually decided to put some effort into this one and wrote this in my usual style of randomness. So we got a good story with an extreme twist at the end.

Title: The Visitor

George pressed the call button and said, “Mrs. Whitfield, you have a visitor.”

Though Mrs.Whitfield has no inkling as to who her visitor might be she accepts him none the less with a single buzz as a reply back. The man who wears a pair of khaki’s, held up by black suspenders, and a white button up shirt tucked in (an outfit that is, while stylish, completely out-of-date) slips past George on silent loafered feet.

After the man disappears from his sight George soon forgets that he was ever there to begin with, he only has the faint impression of the bell above the door having been rung as if someone had in fact entered the apartment building, but it’s only faint and he chalks it up to his imagination. He returns to his unending game of solitaire while Mrs. Whitfield receives her visitor.

Mrs. Whitfield is an old lady whose husband had actually died last year, but she had never gotten out of the habit of being a ‘Mrs.’ so the title never changed despite becoming a widow. The apartment that she lives in holds echoes of her previous life, the one before she grew old and alone. Along the mantle our sporting shots of her and her late husband, much younger and holding the arrogance of youth in their eyes as the camera immortalizes them in each daring escapade that they dared to venture on. Nestled in between these old memories are the cherished photos of children, grandchildren, and great children.

While Mrs. Whitfield loves these pictures and the children themselves dearly she held the old fashioned opinion that many of her generation might, that she was perhaps not old enough to have great grandchildren yet, but she’d wave the thought away as soon as it come with a sigh and just murmur to herself: “That’s just the way it is now, I guess.” and she’d turn away from the mantle to go find something else to occupy her time.

The apartment isn’t large. It’s a simple one bedroom, one bathroom, with a small kitchen and living room. Mrs. Whitfield doesn’t require much space especially since it is only just her now. Mrs. Whitfield when not reminiscing on old memories or thinking about her children she can often be found sitting in her chair in the living room with a radio on the small stand beside it playing NPR while she knits various things. Her most recent work happens to be a blue and green baby blanket for one of the aforementioned great grandchildren.

This is where she had been before being told about her visitor. At first Mrs. Whitfield had thought that maybe it was one of her children, but had crossed out the notion upon thinking that one of her children would have called first before in advance so she could be prepared because Mrs. Whitfield did like to be prepared for such matters. Unless of course something had happened and there had been no time to give her advance call. This worried her so to soothe herself she said, “It’s probably just a salesman.” And it if is a salesman she thinks, she hopes that it’s a bible salesman because she is in particular need of a new bible.

When finally the knocking arrives Mrs. Whitfield answers it with what she perceives as a graceful and welcoming smile. Her visitor steps into her living room and while he is doing this Mrs. Whitfield has the impression that she is taking a step back in time for his outfit brings back many memories from her childhood. The years where people dressed respectable and held high regard towards acceptable and fanciful fashion.

The man looks down at the old woman with his own warm smile.

“How do you do?” He asks like a try dapper gentlemen and then continues on without waiting for a reply, “I’m Death and I’m here to take you to see your husband.”

Mrs. Whitfield’s smile fades, “Oh,” she replies in an understandably shocked manner, “I thought you might be a bible salesman.”

Eve & Adam by Michael Grant

In creative writing class today I had an assignment that was to create a poem that was also a review. The review could be of anything from past relationships to movies, but I immediately went to book review and I decided to do a little bit of cheating, so instead of doing an actual book review I’m just going to put up this poem.


Review of a book

Eve&Adam by Micael Grant

I  found this while searching the library nook

Now listen to this poem turn to a rant

This book failed on all levels

I hated the writing, I hated the plot

Was this even written by Michael Grant or some devils

I saw his name and I thought, “This is going to be top notch!”

But instead I read through and through

And only felt a sense of disappointment

It read like a crappy debut

I didn’t find an ounce of enjoyment

A girl is asked to create a perfect guy

While a bunch of other unrealistic bullshit goes on

There was a love square, my brain hurts, I want to die

This book didn’t have any good points like Gone.

Don’t be tricked by the name

The book was a complete dive

Even though the Gone series went to fame

This book, I rate a two out of five.


Noragami AMV #2

So I finally got around to finishing another AMV.

Note I put finishing and not creating, I’ve actually been working on another AMV (one that I started before this) and I just haven’t gotten around to completing it because I realize now that the song I chose is a really bad song for an AMV.

Anyway back to this one: this is my second Noragami AMV, please watch the first one if you haven’t already- literally, please, because it’ll kind of make more sense… to me anyway. If you start off by watching just this one you’ll be kind of confused because I made it as more of part 2 or sequel, they’re meant to be watched together. Okay, now that I got that.

Here’s a link to the first one:

and here’s Noragami AMV #2

Teen Wolf (3×18) Riddled


My inner fangirl is screaming right now. This episode had me on the edge of my seat the whole time

This episode was amazing, no matter what happens next I think it’s safe to deem this the best episode out of the entire show.
I stayed up till midnight watching this thing knowing that I would have to be up and about by 5am, it was totally worth it.

Stiles is officially the best actor on this show, I can’t wait to see how Dylan works with his role on The Maze Runner. The only character that even comes close to Stiles is Lydia. Both of them do such an excellent job as portraying their pain and angst as a real thing and not as something scripted.

The show started off immediately with drama, Stiles calling Scott in the middle of the night not knowing where he is or what is happening to him. The plot just got better and better.


While everyone is around trying to find Stiles, Lydia is getting her Banshee on and doing her own thing. I just hate her interactions with Aidan, not only did he make fun of Stiles for liking Lydia he did it while they were still searching for him, A*hole.
There was this one bit that involved a psychiatric hospital and I am just dying to know what that was all about. Lydia seemed to have given up on her powers after they couldn’t find Stiles there, but they completely missed that “5” symbol (the one that the Oni branded behind their ears) while they were there.


Strangely enough, it was Scott’s dad who found Stiles. He actually did something that helped the gang. I liked the little background information they gave us about him and Melissa and what their marriage was like.


Whatever is going on with Allison is completely curious, her messages about the internment camp was mind-boggling. My theory is that the camp that was mentioned in the message was for like Kitsune or other supernatural creatures. I have a feeling that Stiles is the one who sent her those messages on the down low.

After Stiles was found, everyone basically knew that about his whole brain issues. Before he went into the MRI machine I was actually a bit surprised that Scott implied that he’d give Stiles the bite if he did turn out to have what his mom had.


before the MRI is even over all hell breaks loose… in Stiles’ mind. Stiles goes into dreamland and the evil spirit is there again giving him more riddles. “Everyone has it, but no one can lose it?” I was completely tripped up by the one. Before the dream ended the monster undid all of his bandages and we were left staring at a doppleganger Stiles.


During the MRI Scott and Derek totally had a moment; I was glad to see that Derek has finally gone full Team Scott instead of trying to do his own thing. Derek’s interaction with Kira was interesting, I think Derek is finally coming out of his loner faze and is going to be more in with the group.

Before Stiles gets possessed there’s this whole anticipation because Lydia kept hearing the MRI running, but she didn’t go to the hospital. And then as soon as soon Stiles gets possessed Lydia screams and my heart just about broke.


Stiles being possessed was super awesome, though, first he just wakes up with that sort of smug look and then he makes all the lights go out and then he disappears. Plus the evil spirit was being super creepy using pronouns in the plural, always with the “we” and “us” it was absolutely weird.
Weirder still, though, there to threaten the now possessed Stiles was Kira’s mom. We all guessed that she was a Kitsune too, but I don’t think anyone guessed that she had those Oni on a leash. She looked badass, but we’re all rooting for Stiles though, because Kira’s mom said she was going to kill him. That is NEVER going to happen!


The episode ended with a generator(?) exploding and Kira about to be hit by one of the sparking wires. I was so pissed that that was the ending, we all know that electricity can’t hurt Kira, why show her about to be *not* electrocuted and then cut scene. It was hair-pulling, I just want more of Stiles.

I’m going to be at the edge of my seat for the whole rest of this season, I hate that I have to wait another week before the next episode comes out. Let’s just all hope that Stiles doesn’t die….

Abandon by: Meg Cabot

Though she tries returning to the life she knew before the accident, Pierce can’t help but feel at once a part of this world, and apart from it. Yet she’s never alone . . . because someone is always watching her. Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible when someone there wants you back.
But now she’s moved to a new town. Maybe at her new school, she can start fresh. Maybe she can stop feeling so afraid.
Only she can’t. Because even here, he finds her. That’s how desperately he wants her back. She knows he’s no guardian angel, and his dark world isn’t exactly heaven, yet she can’t stay away . . . especially since he always appears when she least expects it, but exactly when she needs him most.
But if she lets herself fall any further, she may just find herself back in the one place she most fears: the Underworld.

A very good story. The one thing that I hated and loved the most about this book was the writing style. The story is told in first person through the eyes of Pierce, our sweet-hearted protagonist. The best way that I can describe how the story is written is by comparing it to the ocean tide. It sweeps up on to the beach like when Pierce is thinking in present tense and then it wooshes back to the past. That’s what it’s like through the whole book, in the present but then suddenly in the past, every few pages Pierce ends up telling a story about something that’s happened to her, there are four major things that she retells.

The first story is when she first met John when she was seven. After her Grandfather’s funeral Pierce is left alone to wander around the cemetery when she comes across a bird with a broken wing. Her mother being a bird scientist or what not young Pierce thinks that if she can capture the bird she can have her mom help it. But instead helping the bird Pierce ends up killing it by startling the bird into taking flight and flying straight into a wall where it breaks it’s neck. John then appears and at Pierce’s request brings the bird back to life. End of story one.

Pierce lives the rest of her life without telling anyone about John, but then she dies at age fifteen. This is the second thing that happens to Pierce. After again trying to help a bird Pierce trips on her scarf and drowns in the pool where she then awakens in the Underworld. After some general confusion about where she is Pierce finds John and he takes her back to his castle/mansion (there’s not a lot description about it) and I’m pretty sure he tries to seduce her, especially with that diamond that’s suppose to protect her from Furies. Pierce is having none of it though and throws a cup of tea in his face and runs away, effectively coming back to life.

The third story is when a jeweler trie to steal the diamond that John gave to Pierce while she was in the Underworld. The jeweler claims that the diamond was stolen and was going to take it from Pierce. While in the process of practically choking Pierce with her chain John shows up and causes the jeweler to have a heart attack. John would have right out killed the man, but Pierce begged him not to.

The last story, which is the saddest, is after Pierce’s ex-best friend kills herself. Pierce is determined to find out why Hannah committed suicide and sets her suspicions on a teacher, Mr. Meuller. After putting herself in Mr. Meuller’s sights Pierce sets a trap to reveal that the teacher was sexually abusing his students. Pierce goes to a private tutoring session with Mr. Meullar, her evidence was going to be gathered by the camera she put in her back-pack to record him, and she epically fails. After Mr. Meuller turns out the classroom lights the camera becomes useless for lack of lighting. However as soon as the teacher is about to touch Pierce John shows up to save her… by breaking every bone in the teacher’s hand. He has anger issues and again Pierce has to talk him out of killing the teacher.

After the whole incident with the teacher is done with all of her peers end up bullying and harassing her because they’re all apparently stupid and blame not Mr. Meuller for the incident but Pierce. Her mother relocates herself and Pierce to Isle Heuros(or something, I’m terrible with spanish), where she grew up. Pierce is not very impressed with her new home, but makes do. Until John starts showing up again.

There is of course the usual high-school drama, and teen melodramatics. Everyone at Pierce’s new school is classified by what wing they’re in, A-wing is for rich kids, D-wing is for the basket cases, and I guess the B’s and C’s are just extras. Pierce is a D-wing, so of course she’s naturally outcast, except when the A-wingers find out that Pierce’s father is super rich and that she lives in a gated community. They want Pierce to let them use her garage so they can build a coffin for some school ritual and because she lives in a gated community the juniors won’t be able to get the coffin (It’s a weird tradition).

After a few hurricane warnings and deaths and a meeting with the cemetery care-taker Pierce is finally able to piece together everything that’s happening around her. Both the jeweler and the teacher were Furies, which is why they tried to hurt her, to hurt John, who they hate, because John’s in love with her (like that wasn’t obvious). And it also turns out that Pierce’s grandmother is also a Fury, and is the reason that she died. Having given her the scarf that she tripped over and having set everything up so that Pierce would drown. After this discovery John takes her back to the Underworld to protect her and the story ends. FML. The story was pretty epic, I just wished it had been longer and more fleshed out, it would have been a lot better that way.
I rate the book at 3.5/5, a little low I know, but there were somethings that I had serious issues with so I couldn’t just give it a four, but I really did love the story so I couldn’t just give it a three. And with that I got three and a half.
I’ll definitely be getting the second book, which I know is longer, Yay! Hopefully I’ll be able to give that book a four.

2 Episode Reviews

Sleepy Hollow 1×02 ‘Blood Moon’ & The Blacklist 1×01 ‘Pilot’

I liked the newest episode of Sleepy Hollow, ever since Supernatural season 8 ended I’ve been looking for a good paranormal filler and I have found just that with this show. There is plenty of action and suspense scenes, I like the special effects, and the plots hold my interest.
This episode was all about witches, Ichabod gets another warning from Katrina. My sister predicts that Katrina will actually be evil, but I do not agree. I found the beginning a bit funny, Ichabod learning how to work electrical and modern inventions, but I feel like some one really needs to get him a history book so he can catch up on the last 250 years, because a lot has happened since George Washington was a general.
Though the story played out okay, a few things did irk me a bit. One was the officer, Andy Brooks? I think his name was, and him coming back to life, don’t get me wrong his resurrection was pretty decent, but the more air time he seemed to get the creepier he got, all the way up to the point where he was following Abbie in the tunnels, but when she turned around no one was there ehhh, just creepy. The other thing was that from the promo last week I was assuming more from Abbie’s sister, more air time, better introduction, and just more, not the last two minutes, and then just cut.
Anyway the rest of the show was great, I liked the evil witch, her resurrection was cool (I did mention that I liked the special effects), her whole fiery thing going on and stealing peoples ashes, was awesome looking. I found her death to be pretty ironic, death by fire and then death by fire again. I wonder why it’s not mentioned that witches were also drowned in running water, that way their spirits would be trapped (sometimes that’s where their ashes were thrown too for that same purpose).
I find it humorous that Lieutenant Abigail had a boyfriend, there was definitely a cat fight about to go down between him and Ichabod.
Fun episode, loved the suspense, can’t wait for next week.


This show was also pretty good, lots of drama. I’m almost 100% positive that Reddington is Lizzie’s father. Their either just making it obvious to try throw you off or their doing it like that just so they can whammy you with it as something else later that’ll be a complete shock.
I liked the premise, Red seems to be an obnoxious dick that I found completely hilarious, he’s like the coyote trickster. I liked how nice Lizzie was to the little girl, she has a nice strength about her, but I don’t like where the story is leading to with her husband.
A good thriller, I’ll definitely be tuning in next week for the second episode.