2 Episode Reviews

Sleepy Hollow 1×02 ‘Blood Moon’ & The Blacklist 1×01 ‘Pilot’

I liked the newest episode of Sleepy Hollow, ever since Supernatural season 8 ended I’ve been looking for a good paranormal filler and I have found just that with this show. There is plenty of action and suspense scenes, I like the special effects, and the plots hold my interest.
This episode was all about witches, Ichabod gets another warning from Katrina. My sister predicts that Katrina will actually be evil, but I do not agree. I found the beginning a bit funny, Ichabod learning how to work electrical and modern inventions, but I feel like some one really needs to get him a history book so he can catch up on the last 250 years, because a lot has happened since George Washington was a general.
Though the story played out okay, a few things did irk me a bit. One was the officer, Andy Brooks? I think his name was, and him coming back to life, don’t get me wrong his resurrection was pretty decent, but the more air time he seemed to get the creepier he got, all the way up to the point where he was following Abbie in the tunnels, but when she turned around no one was there ehhh, just creepy. The other thing was that from the promo last week I was assuming more from Abbie’s sister, more air time, better introduction, and just more, not the last two minutes, and then just cut.
Anyway the rest of the show was great, I liked the evil witch, her resurrection was cool (I did mention that I liked the special effects), her whole fiery thing going on and stealing peoples ashes, was awesome looking. I found her death to be pretty ironic, death by fire and then death by fire again. I wonder why it’s not mentioned that witches were also drowned in running water, that way their spirits would be trapped (sometimes that’s where their ashes were thrown too for that same purpose).
I find it humorous that Lieutenant Abigail had a boyfriend, there was definitely a cat fight about to go down between him and Ichabod.
Fun episode, loved the suspense, can’t wait for next week.


This show was also pretty good, lots of drama. I’m almost 100% positive that Reddington is Lizzie’s father. Their either just making it obvious to try throw you off or their doing it like that just so they can whammy you with it as something else later that’ll be a complete shock.
I liked the premise, Red seems to be an obnoxious dick that I found completely hilarious, he’s like the coyote trickster. I liked how nice Lizzie was to the little girl, she has a nice strength about her, but I don’t like where the story is leading to with her husband.
A good thriller, I’ll definitely be tuning in next week for the second episode.


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