Object, Character, Place #6

Haha I’m back if anyone bothered to miss me 🙂

Today I bring you another object character place because my teacher really likes these and so that’s what we’re always doing in her class.

The three things are: An empty cookie jar, in an abandoned house, with a folded, dusty note at the bottom. The edge of the realm between reality and fantasy. An infant who looks 80 years old.

I titled No Names Necessary, one because I couldn’t of a proper name for the piece and two none of the characters here have names, though that’s not too unusual. Anyway, here we are, one of my newest short stories. I think you’ll get a good laugh.

No Names Necessary

Drowning is not fun, almost drowning and ending up on the of the realm between reality and fantasy not very fun either. Forests everywhere. Everywhere. The world is just like one giant forest and then bam! An ocean.

That’s how I got there. I crawled out of the ocean like a bedraggled cat coughing and hacking up seawater as I went. In front of me was… you guessed it, forest. It stretched on for miles and seemed to have no end. I don’t know what happened, I was like “Ah! I’m drowning!” and then I was caught in this janky place. This is not heaven and it doesn’t look like any type of hell either. I always knew I’d end up in purgatory. I now had no doubt that I was about to be eaten up by some awful, creepy monsters.

I didn’t know what to do so after my heart stopped pounding a mile a minute I got up and shook the water off of me. I decided to brave the forests and try to find some type of path. This is the stupidest idea ever, but I was all still jangled up from my near drowning. I just wanted to find my way back home, okay, and I didn’t feel like almost drowning again.

I walked forever, my feet felt like dead bricks by the time I found this abandoned house. Obviously, a haunted house, so obvious. If there were monsters in there or witches like in Hansel and Gretel I would definitely die, but they might have food. The witch from H&G had lots of food. I wanted pizza, okay, don’t judge me.

I went and instead of finding pizza (dammit!) I found instead a cookie jar sitting on a small table right in front of the entrance. Cookies, hell yeah! I hurried over there and opened the jar only to find it empty with only a folded up note inside of it. I reached in and took the note out, when I unfolded it I found out that it was actually a picture of baby.

This baby looked like eighty years old and just as I was thinking this the baby looked up at me and said: “That’s because I am eighty years old.”

The End


Teen Wolf: Who Will Die?

As anyone will know from looking at my blog I am a huge Teen Wolf fan and since by the ending of this season the writers have said that someone will die I’ve decided to make a top 10 list of all of the characters (in order of importance to the show) who can die without affecting the overall plot. My list of course excludes Scott, Stiles, Allison, and Lydia because they are the main 4 characters of the show and I’ve decided to keep the humans off of the list too, they are an endangered species.

1. Kira’s mom- Since Kira has both of her parents it’s okay if she loses one… and she threatened to kill Stiles which is a big no no. If I had to guess (which I do) if she were to die it would have something to do with her tails.

2. Ms. Morell- She made a reappearance, which could end up being a fatal mistake. Most would consider her human, but since she’s a druid I’m saying otherwise. She’s Deaton’s sister and Canadian French, she’s a guidance counsellor at the school and apparently a therapist at Eichen House. Ms. Morell is just a bit too convenient if you ask me, maybe the writer’s brought her back just so they could cop out and kill her instead of one of the other cast members.

3. Kira- Not only has Kira not actually added anything to the plot besides information on Kitsunes and Nogitsunes it looks like her survival depends on whether or not Scott and Allison get back together.

4. Isaac- Again survival depends on whether or not Scott and Allison get back together. Isaac, while being a favorite on the show, doesn’t actually do anything besides add snarky comments and act as backup to Scott. Since he’s currently in the hospital it’s unclear as to whether or not he’ll live.

5. Aidan- He killed Boyd and made fun of Stiles for liking Lydia while he was missing in Riddled, I think that’s all that needs to be said.

6. Ethan- Even though his relationship with Danny is super awesome if one twin can die why not the other.

7. Peter- The wolf who only decides to help if it serves in his best interest might be the one who dies. Despite it being discovered that he’s Malia’s father we don’t actually care about that or him and no one would really mind if he kicked the bucket… again.

8. Malia- Although she’s now a love interest for Stiles it’s possible a sacrifice could happen or in a fit of jealously Lydia could end up killing her… probably not. But unless she integrates herself deeper into the plot and makes herself a main character she could seriously be killed off.

9. Deaton- Scott’s boss, a very mysterious person. He acts as Scotts main source of information within the show, but with our budding love of technology and all things supernatural I feel like he could easily be replaced by Wikipedia.

10. Derek- We see him getting shot in the promo, and while many people will think that’s too obvious we all must remember that the most obvious answer is usually the right one. Plus, there was the scene at the hospital with him and Scott- is it just me or did that sound like him passing off the torch to Scott as protector of Beacon Hills?

So there we have it a top ten list of who could possibly be the one to die in Beacon Hills. Who do you think is more likely to die?

Teen Wolf (3×18) Riddled


My inner fangirl is screaming right now. This episode had me on the edge of my seat the whole time

This episode was amazing, no matter what happens next I think it’s safe to deem this the best episode out of the entire show.
I stayed up till midnight watching this thing knowing that I would have to be up and about by 5am, it was totally worth it.

Stiles is officially the best actor on this show, I can’t wait to see how Dylan works with his role on The Maze Runner. The only character that even comes close to Stiles is Lydia. Both of them do such an excellent job as portraying their pain and angst as a real thing and not as something scripted.

The show started off immediately with drama, Stiles calling Scott in the middle of the night not knowing where he is or what is happening to him. The plot just got better and better.


While everyone is around trying to find Stiles, Lydia is getting her Banshee on and doing her own thing. I just hate her interactions with Aidan, not only did he make fun of Stiles for liking Lydia he did it while they were still searching for him, A*hole.
There was this one bit that involved a psychiatric hospital and I am just dying to know what that was all about. Lydia seemed to have given up on her powers after they couldn’t find Stiles there, but they completely missed that “5” symbol (the one that the Oni branded behind their ears) while they were there.


Strangely enough, it was Scott’s dad who found Stiles. He actually did something that helped the gang. I liked the little background information they gave us about him and Melissa and what their marriage was like.


Whatever is going on with Allison is completely curious, her messages about the internment camp was mind-boggling. My theory is that the camp that was mentioned in the message was for like Kitsune or other supernatural creatures. I have a feeling that Stiles is the one who sent her those messages on the down low.

After Stiles was found, everyone basically knew that about his whole brain issues. Before he went into the MRI machine I was actually a bit surprised that Scott implied that he’d give Stiles the bite if he did turn out to have what his mom had.


before the MRI is even over all hell breaks loose… in Stiles’ mind. Stiles goes into dreamland and the evil spirit is there again giving him more riddles. “Everyone has it, but no one can lose it?” I was completely tripped up by the one. Before the dream ended the monster undid all of his bandages and we were left staring at a doppleganger Stiles.


During the MRI Scott and Derek totally had a moment; I was glad to see that Derek has finally gone full Team Scott instead of trying to do his own thing. Derek’s interaction with Kira was interesting, I think Derek is finally coming out of his loner faze and is going to be more in with the group.

Before Stiles gets possessed there’s this whole anticipation because Lydia kept hearing the MRI running, but she didn’t go to the hospital. And then as soon as soon Stiles gets possessed Lydia screams and my heart just about broke.


Stiles being possessed was super awesome, though, first he just wakes up with that sort of smug look and then he makes all the lights go out and then he disappears. Plus the evil spirit was being super creepy using pronouns in the plural, always with the “we” and “us” it was absolutely weird.
Weirder still, though, there to threaten the now possessed Stiles was Kira’s mom. We all guessed that she was a Kitsune too, but I don’t think anyone guessed that she had those Oni on a leash. She looked badass, but we’re all rooting for Stiles though, because Kira’s mom said she was going to kill him. That is NEVER going to happen!


The episode ended with a generator(?) exploding and Kira about to be hit by one of the sparking wires. I was so pissed that that was the ending, we all know that electricity can’t hurt Kira, why show her about to be *not* electrocuted and then cut scene. It was hair-pulling, I just want more of Stiles.

I’m going to be at the edge of my seat for the whole rest of this season, I hate that I have to wait another week before the next episode comes out. Let’s just all hope that Stiles doesn’t die….

2 Episode Reviews

Sleepy Hollow 1×02 ‘Blood Moon’ & The Blacklist 1×01 ‘Pilot’

I liked the newest episode of Sleepy Hollow, ever since Supernatural season 8 ended I’ve been looking for a good paranormal filler and I have found just that with this show. There is plenty of action and suspense scenes, I like the special effects, and the plots hold my interest.
This episode was all about witches, Ichabod gets another warning from Katrina. My sister predicts that Katrina will actually be evil, but I do not agree. I found the beginning a bit funny, Ichabod learning how to work electrical and modern inventions, but I feel like some one really needs to get him a history book so he can catch up on the last 250 years, because a lot has happened since George Washington was a general.
Though the story played out okay, a few things did irk me a bit. One was the officer, Andy Brooks? I think his name was, and him coming back to life, don’t get me wrong his resurrection was pretty decent, but the more air time he seemed to get the creepier he got, all the way up to the point where he was following Abbie in the tunnels, but when she turned around no one was there ehhh, just creepy. The other thing was that from the promo last week I was assuming more from Abbie’s sister, more air time, better introduction, and just more, not the last two minutes, and then just cut.
Anyway the rest of the show was great, I liked the evil witch, her resurrection was cool (I did mention that I liked the special effects), her whole fiery thing going on and stealing peoples ashes, was awesome looking. I found her death to be pretty ironic, death by fire and then death by fire again. I wonder why it’s not mentioned that witches were also drowned in running water, that way their spirits would be trapped (sometimes that’s where their ashes were thrown too for that same purpose).
I find it humorous that Lieutenant Abigail had a boyfriend, there was definitely a cat fight about to go down between him and Ichabod.
Fun episode, loved the suspense, can’t wait for next week.


This show was also pretty good, lots of drama. I’m almost 100% positive that Reddington is Lizzie’s father. Their either just making it obvious to try throw you off or their doing it like that just so they can whammy you with it as something else later that’ll be a complete shock.
I liked the premise, Red seems to be an obnoxious dick that I found completely hilarious, he’s like the coyote trickster. I liked how nice Lizzie was to the little girl, she has a nice strength about her, but I don’t like where the story is leading to with her husband.
A good thriller, I’ll definitely be tuning in next week for the second episode.