Howl’s Moving Castle AMV

Another AMV! Wooh! I’m getting this down. This one is for Howl’s Moving Castle the very awesome Studio Ghibli 2004 movie which I love forever and forever. The song is Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine, This song has been on my playlist ever since I heard it on another AMV that was for Katanagatari. (Good show BTW)

Without further ado:


Noragami AMV #2

So I finally got around to finishing another AMV.

Note I put finishing and not creating, I’ve actually been working on another AMV (one that I started before this) and I just haven’t gotten around to completing it because I realize now that the song I chose is a really bad song for an AMV.

Anyway back to this one: this is my second Noragami AMV, please watch the first one if you haven’t already- literally, please, because it’ll kind of make more sense… to me anyway. If you start off by watching just this one you’ll be kind of confused because I made it as more of part 2 or sequel, they’re meant to be watched together. Okay, now that I got that.

Here’s a link to the first one:¬†

and here’s Noragami AMV #2

Dollhouse by: Melanie Martinez

My sister showed me this song at the same time that she found “All About that Bass” (trust me completely different songs here) While “All About that Bass” got popular a month later “Dollhouse” has yet to hit the headlines. It’ll get there eventually, it’s a good song. “Dollhouse” has been in my top 5 playlist for about two weeks, even though it’s getting ousted because of all the new Japanese music I keep adding. It’s definitely worth listening to every now and then.

Counting Stars by: OneRepublic

Through the years OneRepublic has continuously made songs that became very popular and this one is no exception. I first heard this song a few months ago while I was YouTube surfing, my first thoughts were that the song was a bit repetitive but the video was pretty cool. A few days later I heard my sister listening to it on YouTube, she agreed with my exact thoughts. I ended up downloading the song anyway to my iTunes, it really grows on you. Now I’ve been hearing this song everywhere on the radio, like literally everywhere, I heard the song twice in ten minutes of each other while I was changing stations this morning.
The best thing about OneRepublic, though, is their music videos, they always bring the best to the table and I love this one.

Rage Quit – Mincraft

So normally I don’t watch Rage Quits, as much as I cuss like a sailor I generally don’t like it when such fowl language is being screamed out by an angry gamer who’s been living on CodeRed Mountain Dew and Dortio’s for a week. But this rage quit, by RoosterTeeth, is honestly the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen, the first time I watched this I was laughing so hard I started crying at the same time.
The main person who’s cussing up a storm is Michael and the second cute english dude is Gavin (from all of the RoosterTeeth videos that I’ve watched they’re the only two voices that I can connect to faces) this video will either have you wincing along with each cuss thrown out or laughing at the stupidity of it.

Michael is also the person who did the rage quit for “The Impossible Game” and screams out Swiss-fucking-Cheese, that one still gets my sister stuck up in fits of laughter. I’ll add the link for it, but not the video, that one really is too dirty-mouthed to be on my blog. —-—-

The Fox by: Ylvis

So, I have to ask What does the fox say? This is the most stupid, ridiculous, hilarious song I’ve ever encountered, mainly because the answer is pretty obvious. Foxes are a type of dog they make barking/yipping noises. When I first heard the song, a few months ago when a friend of mine showed me the video, I managed to pull off a perfect pokerface for the entire three minutes and forty-eight seconds just so I could ridicule him for watching/listening to what has to be the most fail song ever. Tonight, by some prayer or other by a moron, I heard this song on the radio FML. Well, second time hearing the song I definitely couldn’t keep my laughter to myself and while my madre was driving she was repeatedly telling me to change the song, because, wow, it’s a super lame song, but, well, I was to busy laughing.

The real question is What does the giraffe say? Because no one knows what a giraffe sounds like.

Royals by: Pentatonix (Lorde Cover)

I think everyone has heard this song by now, Royals by Lorde. It’s been hopping along the billboards chart recently steadily climbing higher while it’s blasted on the radio. On one of my long stints of surfing Youtube I went searching for the official music video for it, while I did find that later first I came upon this.

I first heard a Pentatonix song while looking around for videos by Linsey Stirling, they did a cover together of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, lest to both videos are pretty awesome.

Pompeii by: Bastille

So Tuesday morning I heard this song playing on the radio, on the same day I downloaded the song onto my ITunes, yesterday I was sharing it among my friends and they all agreed that it was a good song. Today I’m sharing it with you. The video’s a little weird, but the song is still pretty cool with an awesome beat.

I guess they’re all possessed by demons, Supernatural style. Still a good song, I love singing to it while I’m in the shower.