The Fox by: Ylvis

So, I have to ask What does the fox say? This is the most stupid, ridiculous, hilarious song I’ve ever encountered, mainly because the answer is pretty obvious. Foxes are a type of dog they make barking/yipping noises. When I first heard the song, a few months ago when a friend of mine showed me the video, I managed to pull off a perfect pokerface for the entire three minutes and forty-eight seconds just so I could ridicule him for watching/listening to what has to be the most fail song ever. Tonight, by some prayer or other by a moron, I heard this song on the radio FML. Well, second time hearing the song I definitely couldn’t keep my laughter to myself and while my madre was driving she was repeatedly telling me to change the song, because, wow, it’s a super lame song, but, well, I was to busy laughing.

The real question is What does the giraffe say? Because no one knows what a giraffe sounds like.