Ode to Thee

Ode to Thee, Whoever you are
You are a stunning example of human anatomy
Your hair the color of Earth, a warm brown with fire running through
Your eyes shine two times bright, a star in each
Your skin is the fairest of them all, ivory and porcelain
Your legs are long and tease about the mind
While your fingers are swift and nimble
You steal thought and heart in a blink
Your lips are full and a deepest red
And though your body if that of a goddess your thoughts are finer still
An independent mind, strong and willed
You are that of Athena, one of wisdom’s children
You call forth creativity of thought and idea
And your passions are pure
You hold no vanity nor arrogance
Your heart is warm and kind
Always steady and strong
And you’re never alone
Your friends are like a guard, there to protect you always
Sadness cannot own you, nor anything else
You are like a bird free from every cage
You burn like a fire as you walk upon the Earth
You are the example of perfection that everyone strives to be
Ode to Thee, Whoever you are
You are above par.


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