The Flower King

Story I wrote at Two in the morning. It’s definitely got the quality of a story written while half asleep.

The Flower King
There one was a king who ruled over a garden of beautiful flower people and he loved all of his subjects dearly. The king was always very happy until one day he looked outside his castle and saw that all of the flower people were crying inconsolably.
The king ran down to them and asked what was wrong, but none would answer because they were all too busy crying. The sight of his subjects so sad made the King sad too so he set out to try and comfort them.
To them he whispered kind words and sweet songs and it was his love and tender care for them that made them grow. All of the flower people grew twenty times in size and this made them very happy and they stopped crying. This made the king happy too, so he ran all across his kingdom and did this to every one of his subjects until they were all swaying in the breeze, high in the sky.
When the great king was done he went back to his castle and cried, even though he loved his people very much, and was glad that were no longer upset, now that they were so far away he missed them terribly.
But the flowers knew nothing of his sadness because they couldn’t look down and see him all they could do was to look to the bright blue sky.
The flower people had been sad because they couldn’t feel the sun, but now they could feel that warm light on their petals and they were happy.


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