What I learn in School…

What I’ve learned in school is that everything can be related to Teen Wolf.

1st hour is Pre-Calculus H. and we are learning about right triangles and the 6 trig functions. My teacher taught us this phrase for remembering the Sin, Cos, and Tan relation to Hyp, Opp, and Adj: SohCahToa or “Some old hippie Caught another hippie Tripping on acid.” in less than 5 minutes I had my own phrase “Scott only has Control after he’s Thought of (an) anchor.” Mine’s way better.

2nd hour is Chemistry H. and as well as knowing how to make a self-igniting molotov cocktail from season 1 I now also know that Potassium is 19/K, Iodine is 53/I, and Radium is 88/Ra. Shout out to the Periodic Table!

3rd hour I have Economics *cough* excuse me “Financial Literature” and from Teen Wolf I have learned about Risk and Reward and what it’s like when the coach/economics teacher gets shot with an arrow. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

4th hour is my English III AP class and it is there that I bust out my new knowledge of riddles. What gets broken when not held? Definitely not a baby that’s for sure.

5th hour is French III H. French is very important in Teen Wolf, Allison and her family have french roots and their name actually means Silver in french. The french word for Wolf is Loup and the french word for Fox is Renard.

6th hour is my history class and I’m learning tons about Japanese-American Internment camps from Teen Wolf which is super handy since we just went over WWII.

7th hour is creative writing and this is where I think I can really apply Teen Wolf here because as I’ve found out I can just about turn any prompt wolf, Nogitsune, or Stiles related.
example- A limerick where the first two words of each line were already picked out:
There once was a Nogitsune named Stiles
Who ate all of the chaos with guile
But the True Alpha didn’t approve
To be honest, he wanted the Nogitsune to move
They were all in a rile.

The number of poems I have that are related to Teen Wolf are immeasurable.

Love Teen Wolf to the end, what about You? How do you relate Teen Wolf to your daily life.


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