Teen Wolf: Who Will Die?

As anyone will know from looking at my blog I am a huge Teen Wolf fan and since by the ending of this season the writers have said that someone will die I’ve decided to make a top 10 list of all of the characters (in order of importance to the show) who can die without affecting the overall plot. My list of course excludes Scott, Stiles, Allison, and Lydia because they are the main 4 characters of the show and I’ve decided to keep the humans off of the list too, they are an endangered species.

1. Kira’s mom- Since Kira has both of her parents it’s okay if she loses one… and she threatened to kill Stiles which is a big no no. If I had to guess (which I do) if she were to die it would have something to do with her tails.

2. Ms. Morell- She made a reappearance, which could end up being a fatal mistake. Most would consider her human, but since she’s a druid I’m saying otherwise. She’s Deaton’s sister and Canadian French, she’s a guidance counsellor at the school and apparently a therapist at Eichen House. Ms. Morell is just a bit too convenient if you ask me, maybe the writer’s brought her back just so they could cop out and kill her instead of one of the other cast members.

3. Kira- Not only has Kira not actually added anything to the plot besides information on Kitsunes and Nogitsunes it looks like her survival depends on whether or not Scott and Allison get back together.

4. Isaac- Again survival depends on whether or not Scott and Allison get back together. Isaac, while being a favorite on the show, doesn’t actually do anything besides add snarky comments and act as backup to Scott. Since he’s currently in the hospital it’s unclear as to whether or not he’ll live.

5. Aidan- He killed Boyd and made fun of Stiles for liking Lydia while he was missing in Riddled, I think that’s all that needs to be said.

6. Ethan- Even though his relationship with Danny is super awesome if one twin can die why not the other.

7. Peter- The wolf who only decides to help if it serves in his best interest might be the one who dies. Despite it being discovered that he’s Malia’s father we don’t actually care about that or him and no one would really mind if he kicked the bucket… again.

8. Malia- Although she’s now a love interest for Stiles it’s possible a sacrifice could happen or in a fit of jealously Lydia could end up killing her… probably not. But unless she integrates herself deeper into the plot and makes herself a main character she could seriously be killed off.

9. Deaton- Scott’s boss, a very mysterious person. He acts as Scotts main source of information within the show, but with our budding love of technology and all things supernatural I feel like he could easily be replaced by Wikipedia.

10. Derek- We see him getting shot in the promo, and while many people will think that’s too obvious we all must remember that the most obvious answer is usually the right one. Plus, there was the scene at the hospital with him and Scott- is it just me or did that sound like him passing off the torch to Scott as protector of Beacon Hills?

So there we have it a top ten list of who could possibly be the one to die in Beacon Hills. Who do you think is more likely to die?


3 thoughts on “Teen Wolf: Who Will Die?

  1. Peter won’t die, remember at the end of 3a, while killing that girl w.e her name is at the namotad, at the end he said “I AM THE TRUE ALFA”. So I think they wouldnt just kill him 😛

  2. Also,

    Spoiler from earlier episodes( More than 2-3) if you didnt watch it ~~

    I really want to know what scott’s dad knows in one of the episodes he says to scott’s mum when he was dieng, I think we should tell him…. and his mum says no, so im a bit confused :S

    • That’ll probably be a storyline that’s going to be further explained in season 4, as for Peter’s being an “alpha” even though his eyes are blue not red, that’ll probably be brought back up in season 4 too, maybe he’ll end up being the bad guy. *shrug* Jeff Davis will reveal all eventually.

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