The Lunatic’s Curse (Tales from the Sinister City #4) by: F.E. Higgins

The town of Opum Oppidulum is home to the freezing Lake Beluarum and its rumored monster. On an island at the center of the lake is an asylum; no one has ever escaped it. So how will Rex, whose father, Ambrose Grammaticus, has been imprisoned there under false pretenses, prove that Ambrose is not insane? And if Rex can free his father, will his evil stepmother drive them both to madness?

After finishing this book my first thought was, “What the hell?” Usually Higgins books are actually mystery novels, not guess the entire plot in the first five pages.
I know this book is for little kids, like twelve year olds, but that is no excuse to write such a terrible book.

Through the entire plot Rex keeps moaning on and on about how he doesn’t understand what happened to his father or what the Society of Andrew Faye is and it honestly pissed me off. Half way through the book I just wanted to shut it and then possibly throw it at Higgins face.


Quite obviously Rex’s father Ambrose was poisoned, I don’t even understand why that was a mystery. For Rex supposedly being a genius he sure was moron through the entire book, all he did was just fumble around while Hildred did all the real investigative work. And he was to stupid to even realize that his best friend was actually deaf.
What would have been a real plot twist is if it was discovered that Hildred’s father, who was put into the asylum, turned out to be one of the characters who was working there.


The whole cannibalism theme in the novel was so overrated; I think Higgins expected this to completely “wow” and “gross out” her readers so much that they would overlook the stupidity of everything else going on in the story, but it was just too obvious. Even before they started kidnapping homeless people I knew that Acantha and her “friends” were cannibals. This book was just infuriating throughout. Whoever thinks that these were dramatic plot twists and didn’t see them coming at all is an idiot.

I rate the book 0/5 stars which is completely pitiful. To me this book doesn’t even deserve one star and it might have ruined all of the other Sinister City books that I did love and have rated at fours and fives. This book shouldn’t have even been made, it was completely terrible. My advice for anyone possibly interested in this series, feel free to read the first three, but leave The Lunatic’s Curse on the bookshelf.


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