Champion (Legend #3) By: Marie Lu

Finally we can all breathe, the series is over and Day is not dead. After the last book every Legend Fangirl just about started crying, I was one of them.

As soon as I opened the first page I knew I was going to be in for one hell of a ride, what I didn’t expect was for the ride to be kind of flat. Yeah, the novel got a bit fast paced, but at one point I almost fell asleep and there were no major plot-twist, nothing memorable anyway. Day and his little brother are now living in a rich sector with a nanny. June is off doing her own thing with Anden as one of his princeps-elect.

The only part of this WHOLE book that was absolutely perfect was Eden. Day’s little brother is the most cutest, stubbornest, and most brilliant character in this book- sorry Day.
Day and his tumor, though, almost gave me a tumor, every time he would start doing his running and jumping, and generally being awesome, all I could think was “Should you really be doing that, you’re honestly just going to end up breaking something.” and he did end up breaking something, June’s HEART! jerk.

I don’t like June, I never really liked June, she was always sort of just a wet blanket that got thrown on the party who obsessively counted things. In this book she’s kind of stupid, she actually still trust the government after everything that has happened.

Basically the entire plot goes like this, there’s a virus. Eden might be the cure to that virus. If the virus doesn’t get cured the Colonies won’t sign the peace treaty with the Republic. That creepy military chick that ordered Mathias’s death escapes prison. June goes to the Antarctic. Day gets hospitalized for about five minutes. Eden volunteers to be a lab rat. The Colonies attack and finally something interesting happens. The Patriots come back along with Tess, I don’t know why Lu didn’t think of creating some sort of relationship between her and Eden. Anyway, the capital gets bombed and Day is out back in action with the Patriots again. Then Tess gets infected and it turns out June is the cure for the plague, not Eden (I think that was suppose to be the big major plot twist). And then everything is going along fine, the cure is being made everybody is getting better and then the Colonies attack again and Day gets shot by that Commander Jameson. Goddammit!
Then we reach the conclusion, Day gets the tumor removed, falls into a coma and when he wakes up he doesn’t remember June.

Seriously, this had to be the biggest copout since the movie Copout came out. You know what would have been awesome, June dying, so I didn’t have to read about her life twenty years in the future without Day and then one night have them walk right up to each and create the instalove. GIANT COPOUT.

That ending lacked all sparks and awesomeness that we got from Legend and Progidy, I was super disappointed.
I’m stopping right there and rating this book 3.5/5


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