White House Down (2013)

This movie is pretty awesome, Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx together make a good combination.

The beginning was kind of boring, there was mainly just a bunch of political talks going around while the stage was set for the terrorist takeover of the white house. However, once bodies started dropping and bullets went flying I became more engrossed. My only issue was in the beginning when the terrorist started making their rounds and were killing all of the security personal I kept think “Where are all the security cameras?” because these terrorists were just waltzing around the white house and apparently there wasn’t a single person watching the video feeds to warn the security officers that were being shot at, it thoroughly annoyed me.
After a few explosions, though, I got over it and just started enjoying Channing Tatum’s physique.
In the movie, his daughter, Emily, is a really good actor. There wasn’t a single moment when I gave a doubt to her performance. She’s got constant tears running down her face, guns pointed at her head, and a very defiant attitude. Her scene with the flag though was a bit failed.

Overall this movie was exactly what it made out to be, an action flick with a few heartfelt moments and a lot people getting killed. This movie is definitely not for little kids, there were so many people just blatantly getting killed, shot, and exploded, it was almost funny, but it really wasn’t. Every single bad guy gets killed one way or another except the mastermind who got arrested, this irked me, one because I liked the hacker dude and didn’t understand how he died, and two at least one guy should have gotten the money, which was literally only mentioned a few times.
The reasoning behind the attack didn’t actually make much sense and felt a little stretched, two old guys with pagers decide to nuke some foreign countries, Why? because they didn’t like those countries, that is a serious case of xenophobia.
What I found kind of strange out of this whole movie was that I got more laughs from the tour guide than I did from Jamie Foxx and Tatum combined, I don’t think that’s right, the main characters of the movie should be able to keep my attention, but they really didn’t. There were a bunch of side stories going on, Emily’s, Walker’s, the terrorist’s, Carol’s, and Jenna’s, this story went off in a bunch of different directions till almost all these people died.

In the end I have to say that the movie was pretty good, I got a few laughs, saw some explosions, and learned a bit about the white house. I rate it 7/10, something interesting to watch at night with a bag of popcorn and ice cream.


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