Rage Quit – Mincraft

So normally I don’t watch Rage Quits, as much as I cuss like a sailor I generally don’t like it when such fowl language is being screamed out by an angry gamer who’s been living on CodeRed Mountain Dew and Dortio’s for a week. But this rage quit, by RoosterTeeth, is honestly the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen, the first time I watched this I was laughing so hard I started crying at the same time.
The main person who’s cussing up a storm is Michael and the second cute english dude is Gavin (from all of the RoosterTeeth videos that I’ve watched they’re the only two voices that I can connect to faces) this video will either have you wincing along with each cuss thrown out or laughing at the stupidity of it.

Michael is also the person who did the rage quit for “The Impossible Game” and screams out Swiss-fucking-Cheese, that one still gets my sister stuck up in fits of laughter. I’ll add the link for it, but not the video, that one really is too dirty-mouthed to be on my blog. —-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGlVtNXLMmA—-


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