ACT Score

Haha, my ACT score came into today! I’m super happy, this year everyone in my junior class was allowed to take the ACT for free thanks to Gear Up!
This was the second time I had taken the ACT, the first time I was selected with a special group of other kids to take it at a college with a bunch of high-schoolers when I was in the sixth grade (I got a few strange glances) and I got a composite score of 17, not the most glamorous score I know, but it was in the sixth grade and I think that was that was pretty good considering.
Now that I’m in the Eleventh grade, almost five years later, I had my expectations set up marginally higher, I wanted to get at least 24-27 (for those who don’t know the highest you can get is a 36). So I was really aiming for an average score, and I got it!
My composite score is 25*, one point higher than my sister’s, I will hold this over her for life. When we’re old and retired, living in our pirate ship tree house (awesome idea I know), I’m going to be saying “I got a higher ACT score than you!”

I even did really well on the science part, I only guessed on the last five or so because of time, but compared to last time where I guessed on every single science question I really felt like I understood what I was reading.

I’m so proud of my scores I’m going to post all of them:
English: 20*
Math: 22*
Reading: 32*
Science: 24*

If you haven’t guessed yet this post is really just about me boasting.


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