Sausage Pancake on a Stick

Yeah, I totally made some of these. The recipe is way simple and has me banging my head against the wall for not making them sooner.
First step in the recipe: Make Pancake batter, and just to make it even more easy I pulled out my trusty box of Bisquick.

Cue action-packed music

I made the pancake batter and then to make the recipe even more simple I just got a package of precooked sausages.

Cue even more action-packed music

(If you haven’t caught on yet I’m making this post sound very dramatic)
I browned up the sausages and then ran a skewer through them. You can honestly use anything as long as it’s pointy on one end, it doesn’t matter the size and shape. I dipped the sausage in the pancake batter and then I put my freshly coated sausage on a stick(skewer) in my heated deep fryer.
I was done in less time than it takes to say bon appetit.
The only problem you might seriously encounter is leftover batter, this was solved by my sister who is a vegetarian. She used the rest of the pancake batter to make… you guessed it pancakes. We both had a satisfying breakfast, with hashbrowns and eggs.
This is an easy recipe that you should definitely be tried by all.


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