Icons by: Margaret Stohl

I guess it should be said that I actually finished this book last friday, but I’ve been super busy with other stuff to get my hands on my mom’s laptop to right this out. I’ve finally just given in and am writing this on my school issued laptop which means I can’t add pictures or tags to the post. There are a lot of restrictions on this laptop, but an apple mac is still the best thing to write on instead of my mom’s ginormous Toshiba laptop, that thing is like a foot and a half long.

Now on to Icons, it was pretty good, of course I expected nothing short of amazing because it’s by Stohl, author of Beautiful Creatures.
Margaret doesn’t disappoint the story was quite engaging and I loved each character, including Doc, the A.I. program/computer.
Starting off in the Grass we get a glimpse of what Dol’s life is like before she’s taken up by Sympas to the embassy where she meets the ambassador. From there her life takes surprising twists and turns. Falling for Lucas while at the same in love with Ro. This actually annoyed me because I couldn’t decide which guy I liked better, they were both pretty bad. I loved Tima, she was the only character that didn’t act like a brat, well she did a little bit, but she didn’t continue to be super predicable.
Doloria is a great narrator and I wished her and her powers had been explored more. Stohl writes Dol a very unique voice, using slang, and the way Dol describes things is very different, I just don’t like the love triangle.
Anyway amazing world, great writing, fun and fantastic characters, definitely a book that can’t be put down after it’s started.

I rate the book 5/5


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