The Fall of Five (Lorien Legacies #4) By: Pittacus Lore

I love this series, and the movie is pretty good to. I have been waiting for this book since the day I finished ‘The Rise of Nnie’ last year when it first came out. I was quite ecstatic when I spied on my Public Library’s book shelf in the YA section. Along with this book I picked up three other new books like ‘Icons’ by Margaret Stohl, ‘The Girl in the Steel Corset’ by Kady Cross, and Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan, which I can assure you will all be up here by the end of the week.

Now back to ‘The Fall of Five,’ the story jumps through different perspectives like it did in the last book, except instead of just John(4) and Seven talking Sam is also added into the mix. It was a bit confusing, they all talk pretty similarly and the only thing that was used to distinguish between these voices were the character fonts. I really wish the author had put their names up when it switched from each character, because John’s and Sam’s font styles were a lot alike.

Even though the it was hard to distinguish between voices I was really glad that Sam got one, instead of just being a background character he was thrown into the spotlight. It was a little depressing hearing about Sam’s torture even though from what was said about it, besides the burning goop it all seemed more psychological than physical and I wish that Sam had been portrayed more steelier, I guess, not just some alien space nerd who was only along for the ride because he met John. Even Sarah has a more hardcore character now, she’s no longer the prissy damsel in distress cheerleader that’s John’s Achilles heal, but instead a badass who’s adept with guns and can actually kill a mog. Sam is still just the wet blanket being carried around by the group and I just really wish had given some core strength. I am glad that Sam and Six seem to be gravitating towards each other though.

All the other characters were perfect, except for Five (obviously, because he’s insane). I love Ella and her crush on Nine, she is absolutely perfect and it honestly just gave me the complete creeps when John saw her as like the Queen or something in the vision.
Sarah and John make a cute couple, but I wish the time spent on them went elsewhere like Nine and Ella’s friendship, Marina and Eight’s relationship, maybe evolving Sam and his Dad’s bond, I mean they were both kidnapped and tortured, or perhaps letting Nine train Sam, so he’s no longer the gent in distress.
Eight and Marina were so cute together, *spoiler* when he died I got all misty eyed, Marina’s reaction is awesome, she fucking takes out Five’s eye and gains a new Legacy, practically freezing him to death.

The ending though had me flipping and screaming at the book, John lets the Mogs take Ella, sweet innocent little Ella, who’s now going to turn all evil and twisted under Setrakus Ra’s influence and torture, just to save Sam’s dad. Garrr! This pissed me off so much. I hope the next book is the finale, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle having to wait two years instead of one for a final conclusion. The title will definitely have to do something with Seven (Marina), The Wrath of Seven? or something with Ten (Ella)?
I rate the book 5/5 a definite good read despite the flaws.


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