Haven 4×02 ‘Survivors’

I found that this episode was a little bit better then the season premiere. I like Jennifer, but she seems just a bit to trusting. And I’m almost positive that the guy helping Audrey/Lexi is actually Arlo, she had to have gone somewhere and helping Audrey remember herself so she can end the troubles would be very beneficial to her.
Jordan really just needs to get over herself, I honestly wouldn’t have minded if she had died in the season 3 finale.
Duke is awesome as always, I can’t wait for to start using his powers again, I wonder how Jennifer would react to that and his brother. Speaking of, I don’t like Duke’s brother, he’s to perfect and woe is me type. It would be super awkward if Duke’s brothers trouble got activated, I hope he leaves in the next episode or at the latest the one after that.
Audrey/Lexi is not the same and it pisses me off, even as Sarah Audrey had an independent, fiery attitude that’s just missing in Lexi. She’s not taking control of the situation like any of her past incarnations would have.
Nathan looks like a lost puppy. I don’t know if it’s the hair, but there is seriously something lacking in his character. He has the whole depressed, I don’t give a damn look about him. Maybe that’s just the way he’s suppose to be acting, but… I miss the old Nathan.
BTW I’m shipping Duke and Audrey, maybe after she kills Nathan they can live happily ever after.


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