Sleepy Hollow 1×01 Pilot

This was awesome, I loved the mystery and intrigue. Ichabod Crane is a complete dick I love him, he threw his sass right at the Lieutenant, Abbie. From the very start I was completely drawn in. Every scene had my on the edge of my seat, or rather bean bag chair (if that’s possible). I liked that Abbie wasn’t just a no nonsense nonbeliever, she just didn’t trust herself enough to believe the truth. I liked how Ichabod had no doubts about anything, and even though I’m no historian I think they got all the [true] history facts correct, Ichabod was just Ahhh. perfect his character is awesome. I wish Katrina could have gotten some more air time and more information about the witches would have been nice. I was really hoping that while Katrina and Ichabod were talking they would have managed to get one kiss before Ichabod had to wake up, I’m already shipping them.

My sister’s theory is that the Irving guy will be a bad guy, but I’m thinking not. First of all his name is Irving and second, even though he wouldn’t let Abbie interrogate Ichabod he let her be the one to drive Ichabod to the Asylum so she could ask him questions on the way, an act of kindness can go a long way. Speaking of bad guys that evil cop dude, totally almost got his finger bit off. I called him being the baddie, he was just giving off bad vibes, I’m really great at figuring out who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys. I will ruin a movie for everyone by saying who’s going to be killed and who’s evil with-in the first twenty minutes.

Anyway, back on track, great episode. An explosive start to the beginning of the series, but one question remains can they top it for next week?


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