Under the Dome 1×12 Exigent Circumstances

For the first time on this blog I’m going to write an episode review. This review is going to contain spoilers so beware.

As you might know last night I was baking cinnamon rolls, I had everything timed perfectly so that they would be in the oven by nine o’clock and I could watch Under the Dome on my t.v. when usually I just watch it on my laptop. Last Night, though, the most awful horrific thing happened, at 9 P.M. when I turned on the t.v. I saw not Under the Dome, but Big Bang Theory. Now I’m pretty sure that everyone who was just tuning into CBS at that time was flipping out as much as me because last episode was genuinely awesome and left off at such a cliffhanger I was super excited for this episode.
Quick back track, in the last episode Julia got shot and it was the most adorable thing just watching Barbie saving her life while Joe was there to help. After making sure Julia was okay Barbie went off to see Big Jim so they could get Maxine and turn her in, but instead Big Jim kills her and her henchmen and then frames the murders on Barbie. Barbie is then forced on the run with Julia stuck in the hospital. While all of that is going on the four kids, Joe, Norrie, Angie, and Jr., go to a certain spot at the dome and receive a vision of them killing Big Jim.

Now after reading that you can imagine my anguish over the cliffhanger and how ecstatic I was for it to be Monday. Eventually Under the Dome started, but it wasn’t until halfway through the episode at ten that an announcement scrolled at the bottom of the screen saying that the news would be starting thirty minutes late because of a tennis game that lasted to long. I sais “Wow, that would have been nice to know before Under the Dome started so I wouldn’t have been having a meltdown about it starting late.

Anyway, the episode was completely awesome, Barbie risked his neck to save Julia, who was in a coma, from Big Jim, and he kissed her and said that he loved her and Clara, my sister, who hasn’t even seen all the episode agreed that they were completely perfect. Barbie then let himself be caught so that Angie (who was helping with the rescue) could drive the get away ambulance. I am completely shipping them.
The mini dome, meanwhile, is glowing red and making a screeching noises, probably because Barbie got caught and Big Jim plans on killing him.
At the end of the episode I was screaming at television set “Say it! Say it! Say it! Not Guilty! Say it!” and then Barbie says “Not Guilty.” All suave in front of his lynch mob and I’m just like *TEEHEEHEEHEE*
Least to say I hope the finale next week doesn’t end in one humongous cliffhanger that leaves me sobbing on the floor *Cough* Doctor Who, Sherlock, Da Vinci’s Demons, Arrow, Haven *Cough* *Cough*


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