Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls, the best unhealthy thing you can eat for breakfast, full of butter, sugar, and most of all cinnamon and then smothered in icing there’s no way you can wrong… Unless of course you’re making them from scratch then there’s lots of things that can go wrong.
The last time I made cinnamon rolls I used the Paula Dean recipe, and it turned out perfect, except my mom said they were lacking something, and all she wanted were cinnamon rolls like her mom used to make. All bruised ego aside the rolls were great and tasted delicious, but on that day I swore that the next time I made cinnamon rolls I would use a different recipe to see if I could please fabulous madre. So Low and Behold here I am attempting the Betty Crocker version of the recipe (I would try the pioneer woman, but her recipe makes way to many). Right now I have my dough rising for the hour and a half, so far the whole thing has been a complete pain, I most definitely do not remember the dough being that sticky, be warned if you want to do this recipe oil and flour your hands before you knead the dough, other than the stickiness I’d say that the recipe is so far so good.

The filling is added and my dough is now set to rise for thirty more minutes. One thing I do have to say about the Paula Dean recipe is that you melt the butter before spreading on the cinnamon sugar, and if I’ve learned anything here it’s that that’s a pretty good idea. As I was rolling it up the cinnamon sugar kept wanting to spill out, this also happened while I was cutting the roll into 1 inch pieces. I added some melted butter on top (mainly at my mom’s insistence to make it more buttery) to help with the sugar cinnamon leakage. I added some raisons to the end too, enough for two cinnamon rolls, I don’t like raisons but there are a few people in my house that do.

I just pulled my cinnamon rolls out of the oven with five minutes to spare, they look good. I’m going to make the glaze now and smother them all over. I baked them in a cake pan just so I could add as much icing as I want and not worry about it spilling all over the place.
After I glaze them I’m going right off to bed, where I’m at it’s 9:30 p.m. I bake at the most strangest hours of the night šŸ™‚


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