The World’s End (2013)

20 years after attempting an epic pub crawl, five childhood friends reunite when one of them becomes hell bent on trying the drinking marathon again. They are convinced to stage an encore by mate Gary King, a 40-year old man trapped at the cigarette end of his teens, who drags his reluctant pals to their home town and once again attempts to reach the fabled pub, The World’s End. As they attempt to reconcile the past and present, they realize the real struggle is for the future, not just theirs but humankind’s.

This film was okay, I got a few laughs out of it and there were some unexpected plot twists that had me intrigued, but honestly, the best parts are what they put into the trailer. These are all fantastic actors and I love every moment with them, but this movie was just…. It’s like the ending was perfectly fitting, but you wish it was different anyway, I do at least. They knocked out all the clichés, guy didn’t get the girl, the world didn’t technically get saved, and the pub crawl never got completed, as much as I hate clichés they’re kind of what make a movie actually likeable. The World’s End is just one of those films where you watch it once and look back it with a certain fondness, but you never watch it again.
If anyone felt differently please comment and tell me what you thought.


2 thoughts on “The World’s End (2013)

  1. So much fun, but if you add a pint or two to your system, something tells me it’s going to be the best time at the movie you’ll ever have. Just making it better, I guess. Good review.

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