Moonsong (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters #2)

Evil never dies. . . .
After escaping the horrors of the Dark Dimension, Elena can′t wait to attend Dalcrest College, the beautiful ivy-covered campus where her parents met. Life with Stefan is better than ever, and even Damon seems genuinely changed and is getting along with everyone. But moving away from Fell′s Church doesn′t mean she and her friends are free from danger. When students start to disappear from campus, suddenly every new acquaintance is a potential enemy.
Then Elena uncovers a long-hidden secret, one that shocks her to the core, and realizes tragedy may be unavoidable.

Much better than the last one, even though I’m pissed that Damon is still hasn’t gotten the girl, whether the girl be his Dark Princess Elena or his Little Redbird Bonnie. I am honestly just so mad about this. And why is that Damon, a vampire, did the impossible and came back from being dead dead without any actual changes, Elena became an F*ing angel/Guardian thing and Damon is honestly just given nothing, but the ability to change into a crow.
Granted the story telling was much better and jumped from each character evenly and it was nice to see the kind side to Damon, but seriously where’s all the dark soul and badassness that Damon is suppose to be, instead he’s just a whipped vampire that Elena likes to twirl around her finger whenever she gets bored or lonely.
I am honestly just fed up with Bonnie, she loves Damon, but then says she just had crush on him. She loves Zander, but when he tells her that he’s a werewolf (which was so obvious) she runs away like a little bitch. I hate Zander, he will never fill the gap that Damon previously filled.
Now that I’ve finally finished ranting about all the injustices thrown toward Damon I think it’s time I mentioned something else. I love Klaus, literally I don’t remember much of him in the story because that was like six books ago, but in the t.v. show… OHGAWD I’m so glad the Originals are getting their own show this fall.


One thought on “Moonsong (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters #2)

  1. I am also really excited about “The Originals” show! You know, I don’t find the books of The Vampire Diaries as good as the series, but I have read some of the books. I must say that I enjoyed “Stefan’s diaries” more – written by the tv show producers or something 🙂

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