The Lone Ranger (2013)

I just finally got around to watching this and I have to say best movie of this year so far. Every scene was filled with wit and humor, and I loved the relationship between Johnny Depp(Tonto) and Armie Hammer(John Reid).
The movie starts out with a boy at a fair who meets an elderly Tonto. In a series of flash backs Tonto tells the boy of the adventures he had with the Lone Ranger.
In the beginning John Reid seems to be a pacifist of sorts who believes in justice and the law and who also decides to never use a gun. But as the story moves forward we learn that even though John doesn’t like to fight or carry a gun he’s still a good shot. With Tonto there every step of the way to guide John and ridicule him they make an excellent team with a lot of back and forth banter.
The story plot was fun to follow, although a bit obvious, it was still exciting all the same. As Tonto and John follow the trail of Butch Cavendish, a cannibal outlaw who Tonto calls a wendigo, and is also the man who killed John’s brother, they learn of greater threat. Latham Cole, a man who plans to buy the Railroad company, has Butch stage Comanche attacks so that he can freely build tracks through their territory without a treaty to stand in their way. The Lone Ranger, though, is there to stop this injustice from happening.
Everything moved quickly and I loved every single character, including Red and her ivory leg that everyone wants to touch 🙂


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