This is the End (2013)

I just watched the movie “This is the End” and I have to say it is super hilarious. I’m going to summarize some of it so if you haven’t seen it and you don’t want me to ruin it for you I’d suggest that you don’t read this.

The movie starts of with Jay Baruchel coming off a plane to see Seth Rogen, they go back to Seth’s place and basically just smoke weed and play video games for the entire day, but then Seth convinces Jay to go to James Franco’s house warming party despite his convictions. I loved the interactions between these celebrities I just thought it was so funny that they were literally just all hanging out together and basically just best buds with everyone else. And then Craig Robinson calls Jay a hipster and everything just goes downhill from there.
Jay and Seth walk to convenient store down the street to get some cigarettes and that’s when the beams of light start going on and that black chick gets squashed by a piece of ceiling. I was laughing so hard as they were running back to Franco’s house because everyone was just dying on the way there. When they get there all the celebrities are on drugs and haven’t realized what’s going on outside and they don’t believe what Jay said about the beams of light and Seth doesn’t back him up on it either. Then a giant earthquake shakes the house and everyone goes running outside to see what’s happened and that’s when the giant pit opens up and all of those celebs start falling in.
After fortifying the house and doing inventory on their food they all end up sleeping together in Jay’s little sleeping area, and Jonah’s a little B*tch and squashes himself between Seth and Jay while asking what the direction they should be sleeping in because obviously none of them wanted to sleep face to face and they finally all just fall asleep laying on their backs.
The next morning is when Danny McBride pops in because he had apparently crashed the party and passed out in the bath tub and completely missed everything. Making half of their food supplies for breakfast the rest wake up to find him sitting at the table and they all have a meltdown about the food and that’s when this random guy pops his head through a whole in the door begging to be let inside, Danny thinking it’s all a joke makes fun of the guy while the others try to decide on whether or not to actually let him in. Before they get the chance to decide something rips the guy in half and his head roles inside. Danny realizing that this is actually real starts to freak out with the rest of the guys because there’s now a bleeding head in the foyer.

I’m going to stop my summary there because this movie is an hour half long and summarizing the whole thing would take forever and I’m only at the 30 minute mark. If you’ve loved what I’ve written so far than go and see the movie, you won’t regret it unless you’re really religious and find this movie sacrilegious. I was laughing the whole way through to the very end, it’s very fast paced filled with a lot of bad jokes and funny moments. Even though the ending wasn’t quite what I was expecting I loved it all the same.


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