Chocolate Loaf Cake

I already have a chocolate loaf cake recipe, but I used the rest of my butter on those biscuits I made yesterday so I had to find a new recipe that used oil. I went with a Martha Stewart recipe even though Martha Stewart kinda sucks. (
I currently have the cake baking in the oven, everything went over pretty smoothly except there’s a random 3/4 cup of warm water that says to add in the batter, I didn’t add that in the batter. By the time I added my buttermilk the batter was pretty loose already, and considering it’s a loaf cake and it’s suppose to be thick I actually thought it was a little bit to loose especially since the other loaf cake I made has the consistency of whipped chocolate frosting. Also I added the rest of my mini chocolate chips into the batter so this cake better turn out because it’s a sin to waste chocolate chips.
So I just finished the cake and had sample of it, it’s really good. The cake has a rich darkness to it and the chocolate chips I put in there added a nice bit a moisture where it would be otherwise dry. The top did sort of cave in but I’m more interested in taste than looks and it does taste good. I dusted (coated) the cake in powder sugar because chocolate and powder sugar always go good together even though I think a drizzle over the top would be way more yummy, but again since I didn’t have any stick butter and I’m lazy I decided not to make a vanilla frosting, but the cake is still yummy without it, if anyone does decide to make the cake and frosting tell me what you think about it.


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