Monument 14 by: Emmy Laybourne

So I completely and utterly gave up on Obsidian and started(and finished) a new book today, Monument 14. The story is told in first person from Dean’s POV, a high schooler, about everything that’s happening to all of theses kids, Alex(Dean’s little brother), Astrid(who Dean has a crush on), Jake, Brayden, Josie, Sahalia, Niko, and Caroline, Henry, Max, Ulysses, Batiste, and Chloe, who are trapped in a superstore. The story is written really well, and is almost believable. The story falls in Post Apocalyptic and the end of the world starts off with a volcano eruption, which causes freak weather and a tsunami, which causes earthquakes, which in turn causes a toxic compound to be released in a giant black cloud from a bio-weapons research center. The toxic compound effects different blood types in different ways, O-negatives go rabid insane, type A get blisters and hemorrhage, AB blood types get hallucinations and paranoia, and type B are basically immune except for reproductive problems. Are protagonist happens to be O-negative and it’s pretty interesting to hear about his reaction to the toxin from him first-hand while it’s happening. I loved the story even though it basically leaves off at cliffhanger with the kids leaving the store except for Astrid, Dean, and one of the little kids, Chloe because they’re O-negative. I liked reading about these kids and all the terrible things that they have to go through while trying to make the best out of everything. It was an awesome book and I can’t wait to pick up the sequel.


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