Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) By: Marissa Meyer

The second book in the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. This is the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood in a new and inventive way. With twists, betrayal, and attitude to match it all Meyer brings this story out as the new fantasy/sci-fi adventure series to read.

With Cress just coming out I thought it prudent to final get myself caught up on this series and read Scarlet. This book was okay. I rated it a four out of five stars on Goodreads.
The plot had a lot of ups and downs for me- it had a lot of action which I liked, but it also had a few boring and repetitive bits.

Most of what I remember from Cinder was her mooning over prince Kai and complaining about her stepmom, but not a lot of stuff was actually going on, it was more like the all of the story arcs were being set up, which Meyer did work pretty well, but it was still just a bit lacking. In Scarlet we finally get to see the results to those story arcs and they were exciting.

In Scarlet the main thing that I didn’t like was Scarlet. The whole book would have been way better off if all of her bits had just been cut out. She walks into a bar to deliver some vegetables to the owner and boom it was practically insta-love at first sight with her and Wolf, it made me want to grind my teeth together. Her character has practically no personality, all she ever goes on about is her missing grandmother. And she’s always angry, if she’s not ranting over some small injustice then she’s just throwing stuff. On the very first page she’s throwing tomatoes at a wall and ranting about the police, second page she’s yelling at a bunch of bar patrons and starting a bar fight, and her character grows not an ounce through the entire story. She was just a limp piece of lettuce through the entire novel.

What I did like about the story, though, was everything else. Everything else was perfect. Cinder escapes from prison and on her way out picks up Captain Thorne. Captain Thorne is awesome. I love Captain Thorne. Captain Thorne should get his own book… err maybe not, but he was my favorite character in the entire novel and I can’t wait to see him in Cress.
Getting a POV from Kai was really good too. I liked the way he thought about things; his confused feelings towards Cinder, his hatred toward Queen Levana, and the love he has for his country. They’re all jumbled up in his head as he tries to do what’s best for everyone.
Cinder gets a definite upgrade (and I’m not just talking about her new arm and leg) her character is on the move and not slowing down for anyone. Instead of going to Dr. Erland in Africa she heads to Europe to find Ms. Benoit, Scarlet’s grandmother, to get some answers about her forgotten years. The answers that Cinder finds are quite honestly, pretty weird and alot sad.
The ending to Scarlet had me thrown pretty hard. We get a POV from Queen Levana and it left me just plain confused, but also very very intrigued.

This is definitely a series to read. It has just about anything a person could ask for in a book series: good characters (mostly), interesting plot, and most of all excellent writing. If you haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles yet you should definitely pick it up now.

Rainy Weather

My prompt on this one had to follow strict guide lines, three characters, an animal, and rainy weather. Seemed easy enough to turn into a weird, messed-up story.

Once upon a time there was a sweater. On the sweater lived a creature, he was a black and white penguin who had been stitched with love and care on the sweater by a machine.
The machine had been the first of it’s kind and in fact the penguin was the first penguin it had stitched on a sweater, it was also its last. Upon finishing the very last stitch for the black and white penguin the machine mysteriously stopped working. No matter how many mechanics came and looked at it, declaring it in perfect working order, it refused to make any more handsome penguins.
Unbeknownst to the owner of the machine, the machine silently thought that it could never make a sweater as beautiful as it had that first time, and the machine didn’t want it’s first penguin to feel cheapened by creating a thousand more in exact likeness, and so it had decided that it would simply never make another.
A year later, after the perfectly working, but stubborn machine had been scrapped for parts (it regretted nothing), the penguin had it’s first thought. The thought was this, “Ow!” The penguin thought this because at that very moment the little girl who owned him had folded him up uncomfortably, right down the middle, and shoved him in her dresser, preferring instead to wear the unthinking, but more colorful giraffe sweater for the cold and rainy day.
This did not upset the penguin, being disregarded for the giraffe, because he had another miraculous thought that giraffe was better looking then him, as the girl also thought.
So the pretty penguin laid there in the dark and thought upon things which he had never been able to think upon before. At first his thoughts were small, and inconsequential to anything. The penguin was like a child trying to discover what the world meant the very first time it opened its eyes. Steadily, though, the penguin’s mind began to age and grow as any persons would under deep reflection. Within an hour the black and white penguin had developed from a child’s mind to a full grown and philosophical mind. After reaching this state of being the penguin took to depression, because even though an hour earlier he hadn’t minded the giraffe being chosen over him, but now it caused him great pains knowing that he was not as good as the giraffe sweater and could do nothing to change this.
Three hours later when the little girl came home, and discarded the brightly colored giraffe sweater into her dresser the penguin committed suicide by spontaneous combustion and burned down the entire house killing everyone inside, including the little girl and her mother and father and destroying the sweater.
Coincidentally the giraffe sweater was created by a machine that was hated by the machine that had stitched the penguin, why the machine hated the other was a mystery.

Five Fears

Everyone is afraid of something, here I came up with five fears and wrote a little story to go along with them. They are definitely weird and I hope you’ll find them as creepy as I do.

1. What’s hiding in the Dark?
Every night before you go to bed, when it’s pitch black wherever you are, you can’t help but have an involuntary fear of the idea that there might be something else in the room with you, whether a ghost, the boogie man, or a humanoid creature with a thousand nails protruding from it’s head and bat wings growing out of its back. Most people, boring people, only have this fear for a millisecond before chastising themselves for acting childish. Other people, though, the assumed crazies and outcasts feel this fear longer, they are adrenalized with it and do the only thing that you can do in the face of a threat from an unknown entity, they run. They race for the lights to cast the monsters out, they bound and leap for the bed to take sanctuary under the covers, they run as fast as they can because fight is not an option. Does no one wonder why all children are born with this fear that something might snatch them in the middle of the night, why they will beg and plead for parents to check underneath the bed and in the closet. Something might actually be there, something that hides in the dark, something that only a shadow of is ever seen. Maybe it’s the silence, maybe the silence is watching you.
2. Being forgotten and Abandoned
To be left alone and ignored is a terrible thought, to be forgotten is even worse. We think of ourselves as important, we make an impact in the daily lives of other people, we do anything and everything to try and get ourselves noticed and we think that it works. The day comes, though, when you realize you have done nothing that’ll make you be remembered, you are a forgotten thing, a broken toy, abandoned in the dusty corner to wait out this exile. You are stuck in that isolation for the rest of your life until someone will finally remember that you exist, that you had a purpose and you did that and that they were suppose to be there for you but they never showed up, instead you were left there waiting for them while they forgot you and abandoned you to nothing. For a split second you don’t exist anymore when you’re forgotten.
3. Burning at the Stake
The fire will lick up your torso and singe your hair, you will be ignited and incinerated. Your wrist are bound are you are helpless to get free all you can do is watch as the people you knew and lived and laughed with are there smiling and jeering up at you as they toss more wood on the to-be bonfire. No one there is going to help you, you are trapped, and then the fire starts and you are screaming. The fire burns through your clothes and forces every sad thought out of your mind, you are it’s slave and all it wants from you is you pain and suffering. The fire will grab hold of you, it’ll rape and pillage you, it will hold you captive and torture you like nothing more than its chew toy. By the time your ropes have burned away it’s to late, you are now a blackened pile of ash and the crowd has moved on.
4. Dying Painfully
You are an innocent person, you grow up and live through your life, you lived it as many before have lived it, normally. You put your pants on one leg at a time like every other person on earth and you were okay. You saw no fault with yourself, you were as average as average got and you didn’t mind that. You were in one word; content. You woke up everyday, sometimes going to work sometimes taking a day off. You had a pet, it brought you a sense of companionship. It was on one day of your average life that you died painfully. There was no reason or cause for it to happen, it just did. You were walking home as a man came up to you and shot you, the bullet ripped through your lung and it was like your entire life meant nothing anymore all you knew was the pain of that bullet as it hit. Your lung collapsed and you couldn’t breathe, you were losing blood fast and could no longer think a rational thought because everything hurt so bad. Then you were dead, your last thought being “Why?”
5. Trapped
You can bang and scream on the walls, you can do that till your fist are bloody and your voice is hoarse, but it won’t make a difference. You are trapped in this prison, a cage filled with your fears and worst nightmares. You will never get out, never! There is no escaping this prison, this is a place where you don’t even have a name, to the other people outside of your room you are nothing more than a faceless blob. Just another person going to die and you are completely and utterly trapped. You can try to escape, if you didn’t you really would be just a faceless blob going to die, but you know that you’re not so you try to escape. You plan for days, weeks, months, years, all the while in your cage with nothing more than your solitude and despair. The day finally comes for you to escape and you do, but then you realize you can’t escape your own life.

In the Night

This is a sonnet that I wrote in Creative Writing class where the last few words were already chosen out to follow the rhyme scheme ababcdcdefefgg.

In the night the air is never quiet

Hidden from sight two heartfelt lovers kiss

Once the wind stirs, the leaves start a riot

In the night the moon stares into abyss

The stars whisper loudly to the trees

And the air is full of the heat of June

In the night the world comes to life; growing peas

And in a chair someones eating a prune

The rich eat dinner with their best crystal

And angry brawls are starting in red bars

In the night shots are freed from a pistol

And loud songs come alive from a guitar

But as the questions start being brooded

The lively June night becomes concluded


Stars shining brightly
Flowers blooming in sunlight
Nature is beauty

Red Leaves falling fast
Morphing to freezing white snow
Seasons are changing

Leaves laughing loudly
Nothing staying still for long
The wind is blowing

Fire down in the earth
Trees growing forth from the ground
Blue in the wide sky

People fall in love
Hearts become broken pieces
The world keeps moving

The wind starts to howl
Storms brew on the horizon
Rain will be falling

Ode to Thee

Ode to Thee, Whoever you are
You are a stunning example of human anatomy
Your hair the color of Earth, a warm brown with fire running through
Your eyes shine two times bright, a star in each
Your skin is the fairest of them all, ivory and porcelain
Your legs are long and tease about the mind
While your fingers are swift and nimble
You steal thought and heart in a blink
Your lips are full and a deepest red
And though your body if that of a goddess your thoughts are finer still
An independent mind, strong and willed
You are that of Athena, one of wisdom’s children
You call forth creativity of thought and idea
And your passions are pure
You hold no vanity nor arrogance
Your heart is warm and kind
Always steady and strong
And you’re never alone
Your friends are like a guard, there to protect you always
Sadness cannot own you, nor anything else
You are like a bird free from every cage
You burn like a fire as you walk upon the Earth
You are the example of perfection that everyone strives to be
Ode to Thee, Whoever you are
You are above par.

The Flower King

Story I wrote at Two in the morning. It’s definitely got the quality of a story written while half asleep.

The Flower King
There one was a king who ruled over a garden of beautiful flower people and he loved all of his subjects dearly. The king was always very happy until one day he looked outside his castle and saw that all of the flower people were crying inconsolably.
The king ran down to them and asked what was wrong, but none would answer because they were all too busy crying. The sight of his subjects so sad made the King sad too so he set out to try and comfort them.
To them he whispered kind words and sweet songs and it was his love and tender care for them that made them grow. All of the flower people grew twenty times in size and this made them very happy and they stopped crying. This made the king happy too, so he ran all across his kingdom and did this to every one of his subjects until they were all swaying in the breeze, high in the sky.
When the great king was done he went back to his castle and cried, even though he loved his people very much, and was glad that were no longer upset, now that they were so far away he missed them terribly.
But the flowers knew nothing of his sadness because they couldn’t look down and see him all they could do was to look to the bright blue sky.
The flower people had been sad because they couldn’t feel the sun, but now they could feel that warm light on their petals and they were happy.

What I learn in School…

What I’ve learned in school is that everything can be related to Teen Wolf.

1st hour is Pre-Calculus H. and we are learning about right triangles and the 6 trig functions. My teacher taught us this phrase for remembering the Sin, Cos, and Tan relation to Hyp, Opp, and Adj: SohCahToa or “Some old hippie Caught another hippie Tripping on acid.” in less than 5 minutes I had my own phrase “Scott only has Control after he’s Thought of (an) anchor.” Mine’s way better.

2nd hour is Chemistry H. and as well as knowing how to make a self-igniting molotov cocktail from season 1 I now also know that Potassium is 19/K, Iodine is 53/I, and Radium is 88/Ra. Shout out to the Periodic Table!

3rd hour I have Economics *cough* excuse me “Financial Literature” and from Teen Wolf I have learned about Risk and Reward and what it’s like when the coach/economics teacher gets shot with an arrow. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

4th hour is my English III AP class and it is there that I bust out my new knowledge of riddles. What gets broken when not held? Definitely not a baby that’s for sure.

5th hour is French III H. French is very important in Teen Wolf, Allison and her family have french roots and their name actually means Silver in french. The french word for Wolf is Loup and the french word for Fox is Renard.

6th hour is my history class and I’m learning tons about Japanese-American Internment camps from Teen Wolf which is super handy since we just went over WWII.

7th hour is creative writing and this is where I think I can really apply Teen Wolf here because as I’ve found out I can just about turn any prompt wolf, Nogitsune, or Stiles related.
example- A limerick where the first two words of each line were already picked out:
There once was a Nogitsune named Stiles
Who ate all of the chaos with guile
But the True Alpha didn’t approve
To be honest, he wanted the Nogitsune to move
They were all in a rile.

The number of poems I have that are related to Teen Wolf are immeasurable.

Love Teen Wolf to the end, what about You? How do you relate Teen Wolf to your daily life.

Teen Wolf: Who Will Die?

As anyone will know from looking at my blog I am a huge Teen Wolf fan and since by the ending of this season the writers have said that someone will die I’ve decided to make a top 10 list of all of the characters (in order of importance to the show) who can die without affecting the overall plot. My list of course excludes Scott, Stiles, Allison, and Lydia because they are the main 4 characters of the show and I’ve decided to keep the humans off of the list too, they are an endangered species.

1. Kira’s mom- Since Kira has both of her parents it’s okay if she loses one… and she threatened to kill Stiles which is a big no no. If I had to guess (which I do) if she were to die it would have something to do with her tails.

2. Ms. Morell- She made a reappearance, which could end up being a fatal mistake. Most would consider her human, but since she’s a druid I’m saying otherwise. She’s Deaton’s sister and Canadian French, she’s a guidance counsellor at the school and apparently a therapist at Eichen House. Ms. Morell is just a bit too convenient if you ask me, maybe the writer’s brought her back just so they could cop out and kill her instead of one of the other cast members.

3. Kira- Not only has Kira not actually added anything to the plot besides information on Kitsunes and Nogitsunes it looks like her survival depends on whether or not Scott and Allison get back together.

4. Isaac- Again survival depends on whether or not Scott and Allison get back together. Isaac, while being a favorite on the show, doesn’t actually do anything besides add snarky comments and act as backup to Scott. Since he’s currently in the hospital it’s unclear as to whether or not he’ll live.

5. Aidan- He killed Boyd and made fun of Stiles for liking Lydia while he was missing in Riddled, I think that’s all that needs to be said.

6. Ethan- Even though his relationship with Danny is super awesome if one twin can die why not the other.

7. Peter- The wolf who only decides to help if it serves in his best interest might be the one who dies. Despite it being discovered that he’s Malia’s father we don’t actually care about that or him and no one would really mind if he kicked the bucket… again.

8. Malia- Although she’s now a love interest for Stiles it’s possible a sacrifice could happen or in a fit of jealously Lydia could end up killing her… probably not. But unless she integrates herself deeper into the plot and makes herself a main character she could seriously be killed off.

9. Deaton- Scott’s boss, a very mysterious person. He acts as Scotts main source of information within the show, but with our budding love of technology and all things supernatural I feel like he could easily be replaced by Wikipedia.

10. Derek- We see him getting shot in the promo, and while many people will think that’s too obvious we all must remember that the most obvious answer is usually the right one. Plus, there was the scene at the hospital with him and Scott- is it just me or did that sound like him passing off the torch to Scott as protector of Beacon Hills?

So there we have it a top ten list of who could possibly be the one to die in Beacon Hills. Who do you think is more likely to die?

Winter’s Tale (Book + Movie review)

The book was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever read or ever will read. I found that Winter’s Tale is a book not trying to tell a story, but instead convey a message; The world is completely predictable as it is absolutely unpredictable. I know that’s not the only message in there, but it’s the one I like the most.
This was the most complex book that I have ever read and I know that no other book will compare to it.
If I were to describe this book in a few simple words I would describe it like this: Cloud Atlas and John Dies at the End had a baby, but then Cloud Atlas got a divorce and remarried to A Hundred Years of Solitude.
While the story it self seems simple;
“New York City is subsumed in arctic winds, dark nights, and white lights, its life unfolds, for it is an extraordinary hive of the imagination, the greatest house ever built, and nothing exists that can check its vitality. One night in winter, Peter Lake, orphan and master-mechanic, attempts to rob a fortress-like mansion on the Upper West Side. Though he thinks the house is empty, the daughter of the house is home. Thus begins the love between Peter Lake, a middle-aged Irish burglar, and Beverly Penn, a young girl, who is dying. Peter Lake, a simple, uneducated man, because of a love that, at first he does not fully understand, is driven to stop time and bring back the dead. His great struggle, in a city ever alight with its own energy and besieged by unprecedented winters, is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary stories of American literature.”
That summary literally only covers two-hundred pages of the novel out of around 800.

The Table of Contents

The Table of Contents

Peter Lake and Beverly are only together in three Chapters, they meet in “A Goddess in the Bath” and then they’re together in “Lake of Coheeries,” but in “Aceldama” they both die (sort of).

The rest of the chapters are about the different characters, Virginia Gamely, Hardesty Marratta, Asbury, Christiana, Harry Penn, Craig Binky, the Ermine Mayor, Cecil Mature, Praeger. This book is filled to the brim with different stories and lives that to say it’s about Peter Lake and Beverly would be completely and utterly wrong. There’s so much more than a simple love story here- there’s a mayor election, a bridge being built, a great fire. All of these are crucial bits that make up the overall tale.
While the book can be confusing and very very round about it eventually gets to its point and what a stunning point it is.
I had my sister read one chapter, “Nothing is Random” and she said it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever read.
I rate the book 5/5, this is a book everyone needs to read once in their life time.

The movie, though, is a completely different story and I mean that literally. As I was predicting they took all of the characters out and rewrote the story so nothing but its bones were left.
Even though it was a good movie I was sorely disappointed by it. They changed everything about it, even the small simple things that were vitally important in the book.
The first thing that they changed that really pissed me off (it was really the only thing) was that they said that the stars were people who had died. When Beverly narrated that on the screen I nearly threw a hissy fit and that was in the first two minutes. They kept a lot of other things that made me happy, though, Peter running from the Short Tails, his meeting with Isaac Penn… and that’s about all they kept the same.
The angels and demon fight, didn’t bode over well with me. In the book it’s hinted that Athansor and Jackson Mead are angels, as is Cecil and MootFowl, but in the book the magic is very subtle and not mentioned by anyone. I liked that Athansor had wings, but again it’s suppose to be subtle not displayed like they’re all in a giant circus.
In the movie, however, they did make a few passes at things that happened in the book. Peter mentions that he used to live with two girls when he was little and would sing and dance for money and it was really small things like that that made me happy.
The movie was a great movie, but it wasn’t the book and if that’s what the book fans want they are going to be a little more than frustrated.
I rate the movie 3/5
My advice for anyone and everyone is to watch the movie first and then read the book. You’ll get a basic introduction into the story and won’t be disappointed like I was if you read the book first.